UpCity Has Officially Crushed the Blogosphere (and Developed an SEO Solution for Agencies & Designers)

I’ve posted here before about an SEO software company that I’ve invested in–UpCity. Since I last wrote about them, they’ve made a ton of progress in the industry; Firstly, their blog/newsletter has published a few articles that ‘caught fire’ on social media:

… all of these blog articles receiving a boatload of recurring traffic according to Google Analytics–they must be popular!

Baity titles aside đŸ˜‰ these are all very helpful, practical resources for web entrepreneurs. I really have to compliment the inbound team at UpCity for pushing out great content, week after week.

But secondly, the inbound / SEO platform itself is really pushing hard into a second area: aside from offering the stand-alone platform for small businesses, UpCity is also offering a comprehensive, whitelabeled & revenue-sharing inbound marketing & SEO platform for agencies (& designers–& web hosts–etc.!)

UpCity already has agencies using their platform to manage thousands of clients,  meaning the platform is robust and scalable. If you’re a designer or manager of a non-SEO company but would like to offer SEO to your clients, consider checking out the offering.

Update 1/19/2014: UpCity has just published an amazing resource/article, The Definitive SEO Software List (2014). It’s worth a visit (& bookmark).