Three Bookmark-worthy Articles from the Past Month

I don’t post a ton of links on my blog, but there were three internet business resources I’ve come across in the past month that I’d like to share with you here. These Social Media Clickbait All-Stars Are Quietly Building Massive SEO Traffic


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Brian Provost has a great piece regarding bleeding-edge strategy for large scale click baiting. Among other take homes: arbitrage via Facebook — even if it’s near break-even — may not be able to save publishers with otherwise weak execution.

Much like most of Paid Search is run at breakeven or even negative margin (that’s another post for another day, but Paid Search is often run by CLTV instead of CPA at big brands), we may soon see Social or clickbait content sites run along the same fiscal lines to build longer term, defensible audiences. I’d be surprised if that wasn’t happening at more than a few now. As that happens, expect to see the Direct traffic contributions increase for recurring earned audiences. This metric will differentiate which Sites live on as brands.

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KISSmetrics: How to Structure a Longform Landing Page for Maximum Conversions

There’s such a thing as “too perfect”: if you have a hundred things to do, but you spend way too much time getting the one thing “perfect,” your overall execution will suffer. The key to a good “v1.0 sales page” is to find a good formula/template to follow, and then pump out the best draft you can in a few hours. Neil Patel has you covered with a wonderful sample structure you can follow verbatim.

It’s not just lots of content that matters. It’s how the content is organized that truly matters.

This article explains how you can organize the content — an approach to structuring a longform landing page that will deliver maximum conversions.

There are eleven basic elements of a longform landing page. I will go through each one in order of its appearance on the page.

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The Moz Blog: 10 Predictions for the Marketing World in 2015

Rand Fishkin is certainly one of the most well known internet marketers in the world, and for good reason. Consider these “required reading”: even if his predictions don’t come to fruition, the fact that he includes them implies that they’re topics you need to be thinking about.

#2: Google will continue the trend of providing instant answers in search results with more interactive tools.

Google has been doing instant answers for a long time, but in addition to queries with immediate and direct responses, they’ve also undercut a number of online tool vendors by building their own versions directly into the SERPs, like they do currently for queries like ” timer” and “calculator.”

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