I’ve Co-founded a New Start-up: Poseidon Financial

In my previous article here, I mentioned that I wanted my next start-up project to be challenging, fun and ambitious. Well, I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined up with Michael Johnston and Jimmy Atkinson to launch a new venture: Poseidon Financial.

The company was actually founded by Michael alone in January of this year, but he invited Jimmy & myself to join with him as co-founders once our obligations allowed us to, a few months later. So, we’ve been working hard over the past six weeks to iron out administrative issues, prepare our branding, and so forth. Today, we’re ready to go public!

What exactly do we do? Well, our official mission is: to help millions of investors better allocate their investment savings to specific securities, by authoring world-class qualitative investment information.

In regards to my role: I am serving as both CEO of Poseidon Financial, as well as our Editor in Chief. The new company’s editorial coverage will be spread across five distinct brands, each of which focus on a major slice of the investing universe: dividend (value) investing, emerging markets, ETFs, fixed income, and (last but not least) mutual funds.

I take great pride in the editorial department — particularly, the production quality of our coverage, and especially including our original graphics and visuals — so you might say I’d consider myself to be an “Editor in Chief” first and foremost, who also happens to do some “CEO stuff.”

Anyways, if you want to keep up with Poseidon Financial, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. Or, even better, if there’s a particular slice of the investing universe that interests you, head over and subscribe to a newsletter or two. And that’s it for now: I gotta get back to work!

Update: Michael Johnston has written about our launch on his personal blog, as well.