Data. Yeah, we got that.

We launched Poseidon Financial this past spring with high quality editorial coverage–and we’re very proud of what we’ve published thus far. But as far as business models go, straight editorial publishing, even at the very high end, is a grind.

Enter data. In the financial space, if you can efficiently create, own and maintain value-added data, you have a potential edge. Our team has worked hard to gather and organize data regarding the universe of US investments (stocks, ETFs and mutual funds); we’re now beginning to put this data online.

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First up is our dividend stock database, which is organized in a (proprietary) categorization of sectors > sub-sectors > industries (the latter bucket containing categories from Alternative Energy Equipment manufacturers to Vitamins and Supplements producers).

For now, our user-facing tools include the clickable, hierarchical “industry tree” as well as simple ticker look-up, etc. In the medium term, we plan to build improved tools to allow users to screen these securities in other useful ways. But before we get to that, we want to put our basic database of securities online, so the next product announcements will pertain to ETF Reference and Fund Reference… I will try to remember to update this blog post when those updates go live. 🙂