How a Local Business Can Get SEO Help, from UpCity

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about UpCity, and they’ve launched some helpful new resources for SMBs.

First – an in-depth, visual guide to hiring an SEO professional. In some ways, hiring an SEO to help your small biz can be even harder than going the “DIY route”, in terms of potential risks and downsides; this guide should be hugely valuable to walk anyone though the process so that they end up with a true pro (rather than a snake oil guy 😉 )

Second – a manually (editorially) created database of local marketing agencies. IMO, this is huge, since a lot of competing “yellow pages” type databases of this type or chock full of out-of-date, defunct, and just plain non-relevant listings. The team at UpCity is adding new cities to the database constantly so as long as you live in a city bigger than mine 😉 they likely have a great list for you.