New Tools and E-Books from MonetizePros (1Q2014)

We are speeding along over at this year. Our big projects in this Q1 included:

My business partner & co-founder Michael Johnston was instrumental in creating all of the above resources (by the way, he now has a personal Web site up at, if you want to follow him there).

Anyway, as big as Q1 was for MonetizePros, we have even bigger plans for 2Q2014 — including the launch of our own premium subscription product. If you have any ideas, proposals or thoughts on MonetizePros, please feel free to get in touch with us.


MonetizePros Launches Expert Reviews Section

My new(ish) project, MonetizePros, is growing by leaps in bounds (both in terms of site features, and in audience).

The latest site feature has been developed with a lot of hard work from Jimmy–our insider reviews section. The first category is advertising networks. Jimmy has published the most extensive–and authoritative–and honest–reviews of Commission Junction, AdSense, AdMob, etc. that are on the Web.

This is a case of developing something that we really want for ourselves, and then “eating our own dog food”. I’ve wanted a top level snapshot (with the ability to drill down for further info) of the top ad networks on the Web–from an objective [non-shilling] source–since 1998. It only took me about 15 years to build the thing I needed 🙂

UpCity Has Officially Crushed the Blogosphere (and Developed an SEO Solution for Agencies & Designers)

I’ve posted here before about an SEO software company that I’ve invested in–UpCity. Since I last wrote about them, they’ve made a ton of progress in the industry; Firstly, their blog/newsletter has published a few articles that ‘caught fire’ on social media:

… all of these blog articles receiving a boatload of recurring traffic according to Google Analytics–they must be popular!

Baity titles aside 😉 these are all very helpful, practical resources for web entrepreneurs. I really have to compliment the inbound team at UpCity for pushing out great content, week after week.

But secondly, the inbound / SEO platform itself is really pushing hard into a second area: aside from offering the stand-alone platform for small businesses, UpCity is also offering a comprehensive, whitelabeled & revenue-sharing inbound marketing & SEO platform for agencies (& designers–& web hosts–etc.!)

UpCity already has agencies using their platform to manage thousands of clients,  meaning the platform is robust and scalable. If you’re a designer or manager of a non-SEO company but would like to offer SEO to your clients, consider checking out the offering.

Update 1/19/2014: UpCity has just published an amazing resource/article, The Definitive SEO Software List (2014). It’s worth a visit (& bookmark).

Introducing MonetizePros

My latest project is MonetizePros, which I have co-founded with Jimmy Atkinson and Michael Johnston. The premise behind the site is that online revenue is derived from two factors–traffic development x monetization–but that most site owners spend 80%+ of their focus on the former, while relatively ignoring the latter. Our goal with MonetizePros is to help those site owners make more money off their existing Web traffic.

Towards that end, we are producing all kinds of resources that we’re hoping our members will love:

We’re still in the “getting off the ground” phase, but the the site’s traffic and member base is growing at a nice weekly clip. If you’re curious, stop on by or even sign up as a member (it’s free).

Fun Times at Gingerman Raceway – South Haven, MI

I am not much of a “racer”–I’m much more comfortable “pushing it” on an autocross course. Still, from time to time I like to get on a racetrack. I’ve lapped both the Blackhawk Farms and the Autobahn Country Club tracks in the past. But my favorite racetrack to date is Gingerman Raceway. It has a great laid-back (but safe) atmosphere, and is located in beautiful Southwest Michigan.

Here’s my wife Diana pushing my 911 TT down the straightaway at a Gingerman Test & Tune:

Diana Hagans drives 911 Turbo @ Gingerman Raceway – Recorded by Andy Hagans

And here’s a different angle: I drove a Ferrari F430 at Gingerman, courtesy of Xtreme Xperience (which is a great time, if you ever get the chance). The XX cars are loaded with GoPro cameras, which are a lot of fun.

Ferrari F430 at XTreme Xperience (Gingerman Raceway) – Andy Hagans

F430 at Gingerman Raceway – South Haven, MI – Andy Hagans

That’s all for now. If you like fast cars, maybe I’ll see you around at Gingerman sometime soon!