Wait… Andy Does Link Building Again?!

The rumors are true. After a long hiatus, I am back in the SEO consulting world.

Along with my long-time partner, Rich McIver, I am now providing consulting services again, for a select few clients.

FunnelUp specializes in Facebook Ads, funnel design, and of course, high end SEO and link building services.

We are also the only company in the space offering a high end, fully-outsourced podcasting service (link outreach included).

If you have any questions, please click on over to FunnelUp and get in touch with us.


FunnelUp… Is Up!

Rich McIver & I have launched FunnelUp.com, a new company with big big plans.

What kind of big plans? Well, we are still figuring out what products and services FunnelUp will offer. But in the big picture, we want to help passionate entrepreneurs and marketing pro’s build profitable traffic streams into their funnels.

If you want to keep up, you can follow FunnelUp on Facebook or subscribe to the FunnelUp YouTube channel.